“Clarity comes with action.”

If you listened to the interview I posted yesterday, you heard these words spoken by Jeff Goins.   So often in our lives, we are undecided. I know from personal experience and my current situation that it is easy to allow indecision to dictate our lives.  And we stand still for a thousand reasons. “That would be awesome but I could never do it.”  How many times have you said something like that to yourself? I think it crosses my mind daily.  There are goals that seem impossible; someone else achieved them but that person is special, different.

But how do we know? How do we know we can’t achieve something if we aren’t even willing to see for ourselves? I believe the idea of failure is worse than the actual failure itself. The idea of being told no can be paralyzing.  Our brains are trying to protect us from disappointment because disappointment is hard to feel.  And yet, every time I’ve been told no, the sun has still come up to greet me the next day.  A life without disappointment means a life without really trying anything.

The only way to know what we can and cannot do is to act. And the only way to know we don’t like something is to try it.  We don’t get clarity by wondering, sitting comfortably in our fear-averse lives, counting ourselves out from the get-go. We only get clarity by acting on that thing we have always wanted to do.  So in what part of your life do you need clarity? I promise you that you can find it if you seek it.

One thought on “Clarity

  1. I am halfway through the interview, Meg. Packed with fascinating tidbits. It’s funny, you wrote about the same quote that I felt is so compelling – “Clarity comes with Action”. Your expansion on that point is compelling. Keep up the great work!


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