My Procrastination Schedule for the Day

-Made some tea to begin writing
-Watched an episode of the Great British Baking Show because I had already started it and didn’t wanted to cut it off in the middle
-Since I drank my first tea without writing, I had to make another tea for writing
-Sat down to write, wrote the idea down: Ireland
-Started looking at a map to remember everywhere in Ireland I’ve been, but speaking to myself in German to practice that at the same time
-Realized how many words I’ve forgotten in German, so look those up
-Decided I need to practice German more, so I signed up for conversation exchange
-Went on Instagram to post about procrastinating
-Got hungry, so I got a snack and ate that
-Sat down to write again but made this list first
-Realized I didn’t have a drink again, so got that
-Sat down for real to write and it was a miracle


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