My Favorite Things May 2019

This is my first post in a month, the last having been April’s Favorite Things list. My head has been in a million different directions, which I will share in time, but I couldn’t let May go by without sharing SOMETHING. So, from my Airbnb in Trinity Beach, Queensland, my new town of residence, here is May’s list:


James Hamblin. He’s a medical journalist who not only approaches all topics–from diet to politics–in a straightforward and fact-driven manner, but his Twitter feed busts my gut. I’ll let the man speak for himself:


Knock Down the House. Holy woman empowerment. This is the kind of content I want to see. The documentary follows the congressional races of four women: Amy Vilela in Nevada, Cori Bush in Missouri, Paula Jean Swearengin in West Virginia, and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortes in New York. Although Ocasio-Cortez is the most notable name, the strength and stamina of all of the women had me in complete awe. I wish every young girl had the opportunity to watch this so that they can see that the fight matters.



9FDCAA30-95E7-434E-844A-9BCC676BBE48Trinity Beach, Queensland. Which is quite fortunate considering that I’ve made this my new home for the next few months after moving here blindly, just hoping that I would like it. Crystal blue waters, mountains blanketed by rainforest, away from the hustle and bustle that I’d grown tired of in Sydney (I still LOVE Sydney and would have happily stayed there had I found a job, but going outside and not being hounded by people and cars is so liberating). Are there bloodthirsty crocodiles and sting-happy jellyfish? Don’t worry about it, it’s paradise! (But worry about it, because these things are bad.)


Sending reminders to myself on my iPhone. I have a reminder that now pops up everyday saying, “Today I will be brave.” I’ve seen successful entrepreneurs such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Chase Jarvis take on this habit as well, but it never appealed to me until recently, the only reason being that their messages to themselves didn’t resonate with me and weren’t what I needed to hear. But on a whim, I decided to try it, and wrote in what I personally needed to instill in my brain. It’s something I wish I had started doing months ago as I’ve found it to be incredibly effective. Find a short phrase that hits you and see what happens. For me, it’s been magic. 


“If you absolutely can’t tolerate critics, then don’t do anything new or interesting.”
-Jeff Bezos. Still working on this for myself.

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