Finding Your Crowd

I think as valuable as it is to seek advice from those who have “made it”, who have met that societal definition of what it means to be successful, it is also imperative to seek out those who are struggling alongside you. For every successful person, there are more who are still grinding everyday to reach their personal idea of achievement. I resonate with those people more-so than the successful ones. Whether that person is trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, or become a published writer, or to sell their paintings, I resonate with that on the deepest level. I haven’t met this other definition of success myself; I don’t know what that feels like or what that means, but I know what it feels like to wake up everyday not knowing what’s to come and to struggle to do my best, to find the motivation within me whether it’s there that day or not. Some days it happens and some days it just doesn’t. I want to surround myself with those people who are doing the same. There is extreme value in that, and there is also extreme undervalue in that step of the process that the average person overlooks. I don’t want to overlook those who are in my crowd, who are currently working for it– I want to seek them out daily.

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